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Skin Care

Press This Point For 1 Minute And See What Happens To Your Body, Unbelievable

Press This Point For 1 Moment And See What Befalls Your Body… Mind boggling 

Self directed reflexology and acupressure are great approaches to give fast discrete alleviation to an assortment of torment and symptoms without sitting tight for an arrangement, further blocking your daily schedule, or touching touchy regions where you are encountering torment. 

Acupressure and Reflexology 

Acupressure and needle therapy work on similar standards without the terrorizing factor. Needle therapy utilizes needles, while acupressure utilizes fingers giving moderate pressure. 

Reflexology explicitly is the utilization of helpful pressure knead in explicit spaces of our hands and feet to work with useful progression of energy, relief from discomfort and ideal health. There are regions on all fours called reflexes that relate to explicit spaces of our bodies and even organ frameworks inside our bodies. Frequently in regions that we feel torment, there is a blockage of energy forestalling health and wellbeing. 

The following are consolidated methodologies of these two practices that you can use, at home or in a hurry. 

Headaches and Migraines 

You can facilitate the aggravation from cerebral pains and headaches by zeroing in on the space at the foundation of the fingernails. Focus on the forefinger and the webbing among thumb and pointer. 

Sinus Pressure and Agony 

Face palm towards you and carry your thumb to the stack of your finger and pointer to the contrary side near your fingernail skin. For 1-3 minutes, crush and hold the tip of each finger and press immovably. Then, at that point, daintily knead the region. Do likewise on each finger. 

Pressure and Major irritation 

Start by kneading from the center part between the knuckle at the top toward the foundation of the finger. Do this on each finger on two hands. 

Steamed Stomach 

Warm up the whole thumb by rubbing it. It will react to the stomach and spleen meridians. Likewise, you can press straightforwardly in the focal point of your palm. 

Cold or Sore Throat 

Back rub the whole thumb and warm it. You can apply pressure for a more drawn out period on the meaty piece of the snare of your hand. Besides, apply explicit pressure to the thumb on the tissue to within by the nail. 


Back rub the whole hand with a delicate pressure. Then, at that point, press straightforwardly the point on your center finger just beneath and on your nail as an afterthought nearest toward the pointer. 

Feminine Issues or Stomach Agony 

Back rub delicately the whole hand and afterward press straightforwardly on the point on your forefinger just beneath and on your nail as an afterthought nearest to the thumb. 

Another area you need to press straightforwardly is a point on your little finger only away from the nail on the fingernail skin line toward the outside. 

In the first place, start by rubbing your hands together briefly to help the energy and affectability of your hands. Back rub tenderly by utilizing the fingers and thumb of your contrary hand to heat up the skin. 

Press immovably the space of interest utilizing your contrary thumb and fingers. Hold it for 1-5 minutes and repeat 1-5 times on a case by case basis, or every day to forestall this issue. 

For more delicate regions hold 3-5 seconds. Keep the pressure and start gradually kneading in little clockwise circles up to multiple times. Then, at that point, offer the region a little reprieve. Attempt to move the tissue with this back rub, not only scouring the skin. Press immovably again as long as a moment and afterward enjoy some time off. Do this cycle up to multiple times. 

Remaining hydrated is likely probably the best tip from knead advisors and body laborers. It is significant on the grounds that sufficient hydration offers ideal health of the tissue, quality flow, and helps in toxins expulsion from the circulatory system post back rub and in any case. 


Stay away from profound pressure to the trap of the hand while pregnant. Likewise, there are regions that can uphold animating uterine compressions, and in case you are not in labor and managed by an expert MT or doula, this training ought to be stayed away from.


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