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Bill gates is a major shareholder of both Johnson's and pfizer this is why they are administered

Here's hoping more people get vaccinated. It would be really, really great to AVOID a 5th wave. The more people who get jabbed, the better chance we all have of less Covid-19.

COVID’s only been around two years and already has a 5th wave, meanwhile we can’t even get a 4th wave of HIV and TB after 20 years.

Ramaphosa claims that the US may have a ”5th wave” of Covid unless 40 million South Africans roll up their sleeve and take the jab! He is wrong on every front.

Hey, 5th wave hasn't happened yet, you old rotting piece of shit. We gotta jail all these people involved directly or indirectly with the chinese wuhan covid lab.

Have you heard that According to the Ramaphosa the unvaxxed might be responsible for a 5th wave of Covid. Who didn’t see this next installment of the blame game coming? I’m so tired of the unvaxxed being blamed 4 spreading it while we know that the vaxxed spread it too.

However the study shows that even with spread of the virus from vaccinated people, it doesn’t warrant a covid outbreak. A few isolated cases is not the same as a 5th wave of unvaccinated individuals with varying strains.

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