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Do You Have A Big Belly? Read How To Reduce Big Belly With Okra

Are you having a lot of weight?

Are you sick and tired of moving all over the place because your big Tommy is so big? This is the answer. Because you have a big belly, you don't have to run up and down all the time. It will show us how to take care of our big bellies with the help of Okro and pure water. Though it will take a few days to finish the process, it is still the best way or method to get rid of the belly. You'll learn one by one how it's been done.

A list of the things that were used to make them.

1. Okro that's still raw.

2. Clean Water.

How to get ready.

Okro should be soaked in water for three days.

2. Take the water from the Okro and filter it. It will be something like jelly.

To use.

Take a Teacup of this water every morning and every night. By the time it's been used for seven days, the belly should be less full. This is a simple way to get rid of the belly, and it doesn't take long.

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