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The benefits Why Nigerians use muthi or natural herbs

3 Reasons And Uses For Nigerian Muthi or Natural herbs

It is very common and normal in the African culture to use African medicine and natural herbs. All herbs have different uses. Today we are looking at the uses of herbs in Nigeria.

1.Garcinia kola

This herb is used to enhance sexual stimulation. It is popurlary know all over Nigeria as oje or edun.

Scientists have confirmed its effective use in enhancing sexual stimulation and it has been proved.

2. Bitter leaves / Vernonia amygdalina.

Medical professionals have confirmed that consuming bitter leaf has health benefits, including easy childbirth, it also protects individuals from developing liver damage and cancer.


This herb is mainly used for protection purposes, for protection from bad spirits, wondering spirits, bad energies and it protects individuals from consuming energies that do not align with their spirits and energies.

4 Cayenne pepper

Particularly a favourite of the Yoruba from Southwest Nigeria, many use it as a base for most of their stews. For a cold, many peppers are introduced for their spiciness as it helps ease itchiness in the eyes and throat and clears the air passage.

Alligator pepper: This is some other spicy ingredient that goes into making the base chili for the peppersoup. Not solely are the seeds a stimulant, the leaves are also pretty medicinal and are frequently used for herbal cures.

Other elements encompass ginger, garlic, mint leaf, uziza, onions, and calabash nutmeg. 

5.Bitterleaf Bush

The chewing stick was once and is still used with the aid of many for dental hygiene. More preventative than curative, chewing sticks are twigs with frayed ends used to brush the enamel and has fitness benefits not often discovered in toothpaste. The nice chewing sticks are made from the twigs of the West African Orange Tree, the Neem Tree, Ironweed (Vernonia), Liquorice, Walnut Trees, and different timber with bitter roots. However, the quality chewing sticks are made from the Salvadore Persica Tree (also recognised as the toothbrush tree). It does no longer only make teeth stronger, it also reduces plaque and mouth odour. 

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