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Another Pandemic : Monkeypox Outbreak Has Caused A Stir On Social Media

Monkeypox spreads to more countries, signalling global outbreak Italy, Sweden, Australia and Canada have joined a few other countries, signalling a global outbreak we hale that people can be safe because this is a very contagious disease.

A man, in his 30s, fell ill after returning from travel to the UK so this means that South Africa must quickly ban travellers from the European Countries to ensure the safety of its citizens but will we see this? No.

In another area hospital staff found a possible case of monkeypox in a man in his 40s who came from Europe. There has been several more other cases that have been determined, and have to be dealt with post haste before more people are affiliated with this virus.

He remains in isolation at The Alfred Hospital in a stable condition with mild symptoms, the cases that have been found in other countries are concerning and they all have one thing in common and that is they come from European countries and suddenly they have the virus.

Now we are just waiting for the part where South Africa is blamed for this virus or having strikes that are severe to such an extent where these other countries are banning travel to South Africa, the reason I'm saying this is because we have actually been in this case where the citizens have been blamed for this.

The US said that it had quarantined 6 people for monkeypox infections after they sat near an infected Nigeria, this sounds like the blame game why did it have to be an African pointed as if we have problems in our countries.

Portugal is investigating 20 cases, 5 have already been confirmed. If this is not scary enough for the country to close the border then we don't know perhaps they want to keep them open, so that they can do whatever they want.

The WHO said the source of these infections has not yet been confirmed, but cases seem to be increasing sporadically appearing in many countries at once as if someone is going around infection other people with this disease because it is appearing all over the place like covid-19.

The disease is transmitted through sexual contact between gay men so they must also do their part in ensuring that the right protocols are observed before contacting this grotesque virus, close contact is seemed to be the reason why it is transmitted through people and the government has to protect us.

The infection is not considered highly contagious, but they warn against close contact with the infected people because that is how one can get it, and we hope our government can do something very quickly and close the border before this becomes a thing but we all know their greed cannot be satisfied.

The symptoms in monkeypox are fever, swollen lymph nodes, general malaise and rash with blisters, everyone has to be weary about individually who have such symptoms and with many could tries that already have the disease we wonder if people are going to be safe with the wide open borders.

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