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Why it's not a good idea to always Sanitize your hands!

Since the whole Corona virus pandemic began there's one word see and hear everyday and that is 'Sanitize'

Hand sanitizers have become a necessity to carry on our daily lives but as we all know,too much of a good thing can be very bad and in this case , hazardous to your health.

The following are reasons why you shouldn't always opt for Hand sanitizers over good ol soap and water 

1.They could lead to alcohol poisoning

With over 60% of alcohol in our average hand sanitizers it is very risky to place them carelessly around the house especially when there are children involved.Consumption of such a high dosage of alcohol can lead to poisoning or even worse.It is very important to keep them hidden from the small ones and never attempt to drink them 

2.You can be more prone to skin disorders

By overusing the hand sanitizers that contain alcohol,you fight against bacteria and infection causing germs but they can also kill off bacteria that is good for you,one that protects or prevents certain germs to inhabit on your skin and as a result you might get infected and get a skin disorder

3.Some may impact your body development in a bad way 

A doctor by the name of Dr Norris stated that hand sanitizers that have fragrance could have chemicals such as parabens and phthalates which are toxic.Phthalates are said to be endocrine distributors which can affect the development and reproduction of the human body.

Parabens are also chemicals that can affect the functioning of hormones,birth outcomes,fertility and also reproduction in a negative way

In conclusion,it is highly advised to use soap and water to wash your hands and only use hand sanitizers when you do not access soap.Although sanitizers are very effective to killing off bacteria and infection causing germs they are also not very friendly to the human skin after long use.Stay home and stay safe.

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