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Bad News For Those Who Took The Pfizer Vaccine

According to evidence from the United States and Israel, the efficacy of Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine diminishes over time, and a booster dose is safe and efficient in preventing the virus and new variations.

The data will be presented at a meeting of outside advisers to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday, according to business. The group will likely make recommendations on whether or not more Americans should get booster injections.

Pfizer claimed in its presentation, which was released on the FDA website on Wednesday, that "real-world evidence from Israel and the United States suggests that the incidence of breakthrough infections is growing faster in people who were vaccinated earlier." The shots will be made in collaboration with BioNTech of Germany.

According to studies from Israel and the United States, "vaccine protection against Covid-19 infection wanes around 6 to 8 months following the second dose," according to Pfizer.

According to the Pfizer researchers, the drop in efficiency is "primarily attributable to the weakening of vaccination immunological responses over time," rather than the Delta variation.


In New York, Pfizer's stock increased 0.4 percent. The value of BioNTech's American depositary receipts increased by 3.2 percent. Moderna, the other company with a US-cleared messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine, saw its stock rise 0.3 percent.

The Friday panel discussion will feature presentations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, FDA employees, researchers from Israel and the United Kingdom, and Pfizer, according to an agenda posted on the FDA's website.

Marion Gruber, one of two top vaccine officials who the FDA just announced will retire in 2021, will also speak. Earlier this week, Gruber co-authored a piece in The Lancet suggesting that booster shots aren't currently required for the majority of people.


The departure of the two long-serving agency employees could indicate a rift over the Biden booster proposal.

According to the program, officials from Israel will offer data on booster protection against infections and serious sickness, and a professor of medical statistics from the University of Bristol will present data on vaccine effectiveness in the actual world.

FDA staff also submitted a report for the panel's consideration on Wednesday, summarizing much of the same information supplied by Pfizer earlier. The team discovered that a booster dosage of the Pfizer vaccination was safe and boosted antibody levels, much like Pfizer.

According to the staff, overall evidence in the United States indicates that the first two shots of the vaccination still protect against serious sickness and death.

The staff also stated that it is unclear whether a booster shot will increase the risk of heart and heart lining inflammation, and that the potential dangers of a booster shot must be evaluated. It didn't give a clear indication of the agency's position, as it usually does before meetings.

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