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In shock| Hubbly smokers need to see this

Hubbly smokers have been urged no to believe myths that hubbly is better than cigarette and that it is not addictive.The Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) saw a need to enlighten the youth about hubbly.It warned that smoking hubbly increased the risk of getting cancer.

CANSA mentioned that it was concerned about the usage of harmful materials contained in the hubbly.The use if water pipes together with the hubbly is very detrimental to young people whose lungs are still developing and they could be permanently damaged.

The smoke that comes out of the water pump is dangerous to one's health and known to cause lung cancer, heart diseases and other illnesses.Additionally the charcoal burnt in the pipes contain several poisons such as carbon monoxide and cancer causing chemicals.

The most scaring part about this all is that one normal session of smoking hubbly takes about 20 to 80 minutes and that is equivalent to inhaling the smoke from 100 or more cigarettes.We can see from this that hubbly is most dangerous and nothing better to a cigarrete.

Besides hubbly increasing the risk of getting cancer , it also pre exposes one to other health effects such as respiratory diseases, impotence in men, and skin wrinkling.It was also found out that being in a room where they are smoking hubbly also exposed you to harmful chemicals and could also affect you badly.

Hopefully the youth will be educated and choose their health of enjoyment.

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