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8 benefits of taking your arvs: Opinion

Our people have got conspiracy theories that they believe towards this issue of taking this medication. Some people say, it damages the liver, some they say, it damages the kidneys. Some say they have too much sugar, they can cause diabetes, and also other say, they cause stomach ulcer.

I understand all those reasons, and some people are avoiding them, because of the side effects of the first 3 months or so. People don't understand that these ARVs should be taken nomatter what, there are more benefits in taking the anti retroviral pill than to avoid them.

It is more expensive to avoid ARVs that to endure their side effects. It is as good as giving up and throwing your life right into the coffin. More like a person who has accepted his/her fate, and wait for him/herself to die. So If you want to stay alive, you need to take your medication. Also take information from the professionals, don't believe all those conspiracy theories from anyone.

You need to take yourARVs, a lot of people that died were not suppose to die. Some of the people died because of meningitis, and some they died because of Tubaclosis and other complications. It was all due to lack of consistency in taking their medication. It is very rare for people who take their ARVs or anti retroviral to die because of too much sex. It is it also could be possible that they multiplied the virus in their bodies when they had unprotected sex, but most of the people that die, it is due to negligence. They neglect taking their ARVs faithfully.

Some people can take them for a few months, when they feel that they are ok, they leave them for the next couple of months, sleeping around, until there is resistance in their bodies to the effectiveness of the medication. If you are one of those, people please becareful.

benefits of taking ARVs .

They help to suppress the HIV virus.

If the virus is suppressed you can't pass it to your partner.

You can't pass it to your unborn baby 

You can't pass it during delivery 

You can't pass it during breastfeeding 

ARVs strengthen your immune system.

They prevent opportunistic infections like TB, meningitis and etc..

If you were diagnosed with HIV, love yourself enough and take your ARVs. Let's stop the spread of HIV by taking our ARVs every day.

#stay alive

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