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If you took the Johnson&Johnson vaccine then here are good news for you

A study of the J&J vaccine which included more than half a million health workers in SA has revealed a good news about the vaccine. This study showed that the J&J vaccine has the ability to cut the risk of being killed by corona virus by half.

There is still unpublished data from the trial which has been dubbed "Sisonke", according to co-leader Glenda Gray. Like most covid vaccines that are available, J&J vaccine was made so it can prevent hospitalization of those affected by Covid as well as preventing their deaths.

Bit the virus has continued being a problem for governments all over the world, with new resistant an dangerous variants popping out every now and then, bringing devastating waves of infections.

When a request for comment from J&J was sent the company did not immediately respond. The study was carried over several weeks at the time when SA was experiencing the third wave. By cutting the number and the intensity of infections, the vaccines limit the chance of further mutated strains emerging. 

The trial was carried out by request participants to report positive results and also by getting daily alerts from labs.

The researchers who conducted the study also tapped the data systems to see who had been hospitalized or died. The Sisonke study showed that a single shot of J&J vaccine is anout 70% effective against hospitalization and as high as 96% effective against death.

According to Gray the final report will be out in he coming days. In it there will be reports from the government and private insurers, and will be in three sets of data. Glenda Gray is a research professor at the Witwatersrand University.

Government employees have received the J&J vaccine, including police, teachers, health workers and other employees. The J&J vaccine is a key player in South Africa's vaccination drive, and the fact that it can be stored in a refrigerator means it can be used in remote areas.



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