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It Seems Like She Has Recently Lost Some Weight. Check Her Pictures Before & After The Weight Loss.

Date || 28 November 2021

Source || Instagram


As humans, our bodies fluctuate up and down when it comes to our weight. This, however, mostly happens when were are younger as we have no control over our bodies but when we get older, we, therefore, start watching what we eat and join the gym so that we lose weight and get fit. Well, that's if we gained weight and don't like how bodies look like. 

Now, it's not certain if the person I'm going to talk about didn't like how her body looked or not but she certainly made sure that she exercised and lost some weight. The person I'm making reference to is social media influencer and Youtuber, Mihlali Ndamase. Mihlali is known to have one of the most beautiful bodies out and many people aspire to have a body that looks her's. Photo credit: Instagram

Even though she still has a nice body, there's, however, been some visible changes to it and it's all because she has lost some weight. Apparently, the influencer has been in the gym working out and making sure that her body gets to where she wants it to be and, it seems like she has had a lot of progress so far. 

Photo credit: Instagram

Photo credit: Instagram 

Photo credit: Instagram 

Now, her weight loss is very much visible because, Mihlali used to have large hips which helped her give off that hourglass figure as she had a smaller frame at the top. Check out some of her pictures before losing the weight:

Photo credit: Instagram 

Photo credit: Instagram 

Photo credit: Instagram

I applaud her for doing this for herself because sometimes we get so consumed in, "What will people say?", that we end up not doing certain for ourselves and our own benefit.

Photo credit: Instagram

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