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'If you are not a Zimbabwean please do not bother watching this video' - OPINION

The MOST important nugget from Mnangagwa’s address to the nation is that we ALL have to rely on Chinese vaccines, donations from Russia, India and Covax.

Private players will be allowed to bring vaccines but not for sale. Which RULES-OUT walking into a private clinic and paying for your vaccine inoculation.

Most people thought private medical institutions would also bring in vaccines and citizens with their own resources would go they, that door has been shut!

The reasoning is that Covid-19 is a public health issue, which must be managed centrally. A senior doctor said that the private sector can assist to buy the vaccines

Charity case always, why not jus allow people to buy our own choices, put all vaccines available we ain't dogs going to vets, worse none of them donated to u can fight the SA variant

See the video

I think the vaccines should be on sale and allow us to choose. The government free vaccination depending of donations will take ages to reach us

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