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The Prophet who prophesized about Covid 19 had made yet another epic revelation

Prior to the Covid 19 a Zimbabwean prophet E Makandiwa had predicted the disease. He had even gone on to describe the symptoms that would be associated with it and the impact it would have before anyone knew about. In addition Makandiwa prophesized something else that has only fulfilled now.

On 13 November 2016 Makandiwa predicted about the Chinese doctors who were to come to Zimbabwe. He urged Zimbabweans not to trust these people as he said they would be wolves in sheep’s clothing. In his sermon he adds that God showed him that the doctors were not real doctors. He finished his prophecy saying the Security agents in Zimbabwe must be very strict and vet everyone who comes into the country.

Before he prophesized of the coming in of Doctors Makandiwa had foretold of events that would happen to cripple the health system of Zimbabwe. All these have happened as he foretold. Could he truly be a messenger of God? Please share your views below and don’t forget to follow this page for more updates

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