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Good news for SA this evening, Covid-19 cases decrease

ANOTHER 160 individuals have passed on because of Covid-19, while more than 2197 additional individuals have tried positive for the Covid in South Africa on Tuesday, the branch of Health said. 

This comes as 175 additional individuals have been conceded to clinics in people in a general and private area, taking the quantity of Covid patients in the country to 8150 around the country. 

More than 2.8 million individuals have tried positive for the infection in SA to date. 

NICD representative Sinenhlanhla Jimoh said the current flood in diseases was seeing "a supported descending pattern". 


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"Today the establishment reports 2197 new Covid-19 cases that have been recognized in South Africa, which brings the all-out number of research center affirmed cases to 2 886 331. This expansion addresses a 6.1% energy rate," she said. 

Jimoh added that most of the new Covid cases stayed in the KZN territory, alongside the Western Cape and Eastern Cape. 

She said: "most of the new cases today are from KwaZulu-Natal (27%), trailed by Western Cape (17%). Eastern Cape represented 15%; Free State represented 14%; Gauteng Province represented 12%; Mpumalanga and Northern Cape each represented 6% separately; North West represented 4%, and Limpopo represented 1% of the present new cases". 

More than 86376 individuals have surrendered to the infection in South Africa as of Tuesday, while over 17.4 million individuals have led research center tests to decide whether they were tainted with the infection. 

Remarking on the 7-day moving normal, Jimoh said: "The complete number of cases today (n= 2 197) is higher than yesterday (n= 1 504) yet below the normal number of new cases each day over the 7 going before days (n= 3 114). The 7-day moving normally everyday number of cases has diminished". 


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