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She Says Her Personal Trainer Does This At The End Of Their Sessions, Does It Mean He Likes Her?

I just began instructional courses with another fitness coach. We cooperate at his private exercise center, and it's one-on-one. There is nobody other than us during my preparation. He is proficient and I make the most of my meetings with him.

Toward the finish of each meeting, he rubs my back, shoulders, collarbones with oil under my shirt while I'm holding up. I need to know whether this is normal practice for a fitness coach to do this or hes doing it just with me. I griped about back torment at the admission when he inquired as to whether I had any wounds, and so forth 

At the last meeting, we talked a little and I discussed an insane gathering I went to last week. He disclosed to me he should accompany me sometime later so he can secure me and make it ok for me there. It is safe to say that he is into me or simply being caring a result of his work and he needs me to be solid? 

I'd prefer to specify that he is alluring. He used to be a model and I'm uncertain where to stand since I generally resemble a lazy pig when coming for my meetings (no cosmetics, terrible hair and all damp with sweat before the finish of the meeting). I'm persuaded he should stand out enough to be noticed with regards to ladies, it is basically impossible that he would discover me alluring deciding by the traffic he gets from different ladies. 

How would it be advisable for me to respond? Stop meetings with him, or keep it typical and imagine nothing is going on?

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