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Self Defense Points to Use if you're ever in Danger

Ever been in a particularly dangerous place or point with no one but yourself? Well you're not the only one, study says about 35% of people in the world get raped on a daily basis, some get robbed, some even worse, shot or killed. But in this post today we'd be teaching you basical ways to defend yourself ever should the need arise.

Places to Target If you're being Threatened:

1. Sciatic nerve

It is located between the groin and the knee on the midline of the inner thigh. A severe hit will cause intense pain, shock, dizziness and temporary immobility of the foot, you can use that time to run away.

2. Eyes.

A strong press on both eyes can permanently deprive a person of sight. It's enough to press slightly on the eyes, resulting in a lot of tears. Then you'll have a chance to escape until the attacker sees again. Use this technique only in pure danger.

3. Ears

Take the grip of the ear in a fist - it may be necessary to scratch the entire ear with the palm of your hand. Dash the lobe from the bottom up, twisting the ear up and toward yourself.

4. Groin

There are a thousandsof nerves in this area which makes it an ideal place to target, and above it, you'll find the genitals and the bladder. A weak blow to this area will cause a very severe reaction. A hard blow can break the bladder and cause shock.

5. CollarboneA strong hard blow inflicted just below can actually break the collarbone. A typical side effect of a broken clavicle is a rupture of the nerves of the brachial plexus. This leads to immediate paralysis of the hand, shock, and nausea.

6. Jaws

Hit it with the back of your hand. After suffering a blow to the jaw, a person can lose consciousness,since it deliberately shakes the brain.

In Conclusion

If you have the time, take boxing or self-defense lessons. It’s never too late to learn how to fight. It could save your life, your money and boost your confidence too.

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