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If Her Legs Are Like This, See What It Means


Bowlegs, often known as "bow legs" or "bowed legs," is a widespread disorder in which the knees don't converge while the feet are in contact. Bowlegs are referred to as genu varum in medicine. The bowlegs in adults, especially teenagers who have attained skeletal maturity, are the subject of this article (completed growth). It provides answers to some frequently asked questions regarding this illness and outlines the various surgical options.

Bowlegs: Do they hurt?

People with bowlegs frequently lament their sore knees or ankles and worry about arthritic conditions in the future. While many young individuals experience only minor discomfort, they are often self-conscious about the way their legs look and are unaware of the danger that awaits them.

Bowlegs are linked to inner knee deterioration in middle-aged persons, which is frequently very painful.

Why do I need to adjust my bowlegs?

Your knee may be suffering harm: The knee endures unbalanced loads as it bows that it was not intended to support. This causes an excessive amount of tension that might tear the medial meniscus and articular cartilage and irritate the IT band (iliotibial band). Until bone begins to rub against bone, the cartilage in the joint splits and delaminates. Obesity, a history of arthritis in the family, and intense physical activity are a few variables that hasten the deterioration of the knee joint. In other words, bowlegs put both fit and overweight persons at danger!

Can bowlegs be fixed non-surgically?

It is a misconception to think that bowlegs can be fixed non-surgically. A structural variation from the usual alignment of the bones is the varas deformity around the knee. Your muscles and bones will become stronger with exercise, stretching, strengthening, physical therapy, and vitamins, but the shape of the bones won't change. Cutting and straightening the bone is the only way to truly alter the shape of the legs. An osteotomy is a structural change that lasts for a long time.

Function will be enhanced by restoring healthy bone structure: A favorable effect of proper limb alignment is felt throughout the body. The tendons and muscles are tugging in the desired direction, increasing their effectiveness.

Without excessive tension, the ligaments that bind the joints together are no longer damaged. High-level athletes who saw me with knee pain associated to bowlegs were able to resume sports at a greater level of performance and function after surgery.

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