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If You Are HIV Positive, This Is For You. || OPINION

HIV and Covid-19 in Africa

Africa has been discovered to be the origin of a number of coronavirus: the beta mutation found in South Africa, eta from Nigeria and most recently C.1.2, again from South Africa. Yet Africa is the least vaccinated continent in the world, this became a matter of concern because most people especially people with HIV have weak immune systems.

Scientists now believe that they have found a possible reason, Africa is also home to the most immunocompromised people. The study revealed that an HIV-positive woman in South Africa have at the coronavirus for 216 days, during which time it mutated considerably. 

South Africa has the world’s biggest HIV epidemic, with about 8.2 million people infected with the virus that can cause the immune disease AIDS. Even neighbouring countries such as Botswana, Zimbabwe and Eswatini also have very high HIV infection rates.

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