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4 types of stomach cramps and ways on how to fastly ease them

We sometimes get bloated after having a heavy meal or feel your having butterflies in your stomach. The symptoms can sometimes be a sign of anxiety or irritable bowel symptom. Below is the listed simple ways to beat the four types of stomach cramps in a matter of minutes. So let's check them out below:

1. Anxiety stomach aches

Mostly Stress is one of the main causes for almost every illness or physical weakness. Stress, as a psychological pressure, challenges our immune system and causes new sicknesses. Where sometimes stress can also lead to panic attacks, which often come with all sorts of stomach aches. Take a deep breath and try to fully focus on breathing and that will help you distance your mind from your problems for a while. Try Meditation while trying it, it may look like something very complex or odd, but it will actually make it easier for you concentrate all your energy and thoughts in one place, thus reducing stress levels. Exercises will also help you.

2.Gas or IBS pains

When Gas and IBS pain suddenly occurs can be unexpectedly harsh. The first thing you should do is go to the bathroom, no matter how it sounds or looks. You should release unwanted gas to make you feel better. Also try some home remedies like herbal teas. All-mighty peppermint and ginger will help you out here.

3.Menstrual pain

A lot of women experience stomach cramps/period pains during periods. During the first 2 days it's normal to have discomfort of period pains. Massage yourself gently and do yoga. Take a heating pad, curl up, and maybe even take a short nap. Avoid Alcohol, tobacco and caffeine.

4.Heartburn pain

Try apple cider vinegar as it lowers the pH level and decreases the pain. Mix 2 teaspoons of vinegar with ¼ cup of clean room temperature water and drink the mixture. Repeat in 5 minutes, if needed.

Let's learn on how to take care of our bodies using the above information.


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