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Zulus Are Breathing Fire After A Government Statement About Covid-19 Vaccination

Zulus protest against forced vaccination in KZN

The Zulu come out in force against mandatory vaccinations in South Africa, there has been talks that the government wanted to do the herd vaccination, but since there are not a lot of people who are coming forward to offer themselves.

They are thinking of forced vaccination and this will make life a bit difficult for other people, because they promised to restrict some movements and some access to certain places if you are not vaccinated.

This is the way the government has seen as a step forward because it will enable other countries to not ban travelling to South Africa and effectively promoting tourism in the country, and they will also remove South Africa from the red list of other countries because of the number of people who are allegedly not vaccinated but which was supposed to be vaccinated.

With this protest it is quite clear that the Zulus are not very favourable towards that suggestion by the government because it will completely disadvantage a lot of people who are not pro-vaccination, and we are not in a time where things have to be forced onto the people of this country but this is not only happening in South Africa there are other places which are protesting about the vaccine passport and such things.

It is not only the Zulus who are opposed to this forced vaccination of the Citizens of this country by the government, because there is a lot of scepticism around the vaccine and a lot of people are not nearly ready to offer their bodies to be injected with a liquid that they do not trust they have heard about symptoms which are very strange and which people do not really like and they are afraid for their lives.

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