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This 5 year Old boy was Abandoned by His parents because his finger Can't Stop Growing

People are brought into the world with Odd and astounding attributes that even the researcher can envision. There is a sure kid with a longest finger that can't quit developing. He thinks that its difficult to lift things aside from he utilizes two hands. His enormous and developing finger can't do anything. As indicated by his granddad, they wish to cut it off on the grounds that it will not quit developing. 

His name is called 'Ivan'. He was prepared by his granddad directly from labor since his mom deserted him in view of his situation.

They began seeing this Weird development at 2 years old and was taken to an expert specialist who treats such issues. He was unable to get appropriate treatment on the grounds that the specialist who was to treat him ventured out and vowed to return following a half year. Nonetheless, they were monetarily temperamental and couldn't go for an appropriate treatment. As his finger continues developing and getting hefty, his folks deserted him. His mom left without telling anybody and she stayed away forever. 

His body shape has lost equilibrium in light of this issue as numerous individuals proposed the hands ought to be cut off. Individuals are truly languishing. I feel frustrated about this young man as he perseveres through his agony alone. 

What's your opinion on his condition? Should his hands be cut off? Leave your remarks beneath and follow up for refreshes.

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