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Xhosa traditional medicine to clean your system and treat other diseases

Up until the last 60 years Africans we using traditional medicine to treat about every disease that we knew at that time. With a high success rate we have managed to survive for thousands of years, so why people are shunning the traditional medicine and preferring the western medicine to treat even the mild sickness ? In this article am going to look at some of traditional medicine that are used in Xhosa culture and the disease they treat.

1 Aframomum melegueta

The seeds are used to treat wound healing, mouth sores, skin rushes, boils, stomachache, fractures, cough remedy, yellow fever, measles.

2 Acacia mearnsii (idywabasi)

Know as idywabasi in xhosa , a small bark is crushed and put in water for almost a day. Drink the water to clean your stomach , you will likely have a mild diarrhea as your stomach is being cleaned.

3 Acokanthera oppositifolia ( iNtlungunyembe )

Popularly known as iNtlungunyembe in Xhosa , it is used to treat gastric problems by washing and chewing the leaves twice a day for a week.

4 Bidens pilosa (Inongwe)

The leaves are eaten as potherb and used to treat arthritis by decoction and taking them twice a day.

5 Gunnera Perpensa (Iphuzi)

Used to relieve mensural pain and constipation. The concoction is prepared by crushing the roots and boil them them drink a glass of water.

6 Hypoxis hemerocallidea (Ixonyi)

The root tuber is taken for 4-8 weeks to treat lung infections and some tumors.

7 Hypoestes aristata (Uhlololwane)

Leave juice is used to cure sore eyes, it is also used to treat the broken legs of calf.


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