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Read this If you still think that getting vaccinated is a dumb idea

If you still think that getting vaccinated is a bad idea, wait until you hear the story of Vanessa Joubert who was lucky to have an opportunity to have a change of heart.

Vanessa Joubert miraculously recovered from the Covid-19 pandemic after she spent fifty-two days on a ventilator. She was an anti-vaxxer but she changed her mind after spending almost two months on a ventilator.

She and her husband Mark are now advocates for the Covid-19 vaccination. Speaking to Newzroom 405, she said that she had been against Covid-19 vaccination because of lack of knowledge, lots of negativity, and lack of interest in the whole thing.

She had not been affected in any way by the Covid-19 and worked from home most of the time. She followed protocol such as social distancing and sanitizing, and thought that there was no need for her to get vaccinated. Things took a bad turn for Vanessa in July when she contracted the virus. It was mild at first and then took a bad turn, later on, leading to her hospitalization. She had a near-death experience and it is that experience that made her realize the need to get vaccinated.

It was a traumatic experience for Vanessa to be in the ICU and it is one journey she is not willing to take again, hence the decision to inform others of the dangers of not getting vaccinated. The decision of Vanessa not to get vaccinated at first is the same attitude among some members of the public.

They have a negative mentality and complacency against getting vaccinated until they experience the excruciating pain that comes with Covid-19.

It is said that experience is the best teacher, but you may not be lucky like Vanessa. Some unvaccinated people get infected and die from the pandemic every day. If you are not yet vaccinated, what is the reason? Are you waiting for the experience of Covid-19 like Vanessa? Remember you may not be lucky like her.

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