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Top 8 Celebs Who Where Vaccinated For COVID 19

COVID-19 vaccinations have been thoroughly studied and proven to be both safe and effective, according to the editors. Some of the opinions expressed in this essay are destructive and unsupported by scientific evidence. Getting vaccinated against COVID-19 can save your life and the lives of your loved ones, as well as aid in the end of the epidemic.

I looked at celebs who have previously made anti-vax statements a few days ago. "Where do celebrities now stand on the COVID vaccine?" I wondered.

Ryan Reynolds got vaccinated

On Twitter in March, the Deadpool actor posted a photo of himself receiving the vaccine. He joked, "Finally got 5G."

And his wife Blake lively

In March, the Gossip Girl star shared an Instagram photo of herself staring at the person who gave her the shot. She added, "Find you someone who looks at you like I gaze at the courageous nurse who is vaccination me."

Martha Stewart was vaccinated

She posted a video of herself getting the immunization in January. "The physicians, nurses, and medical staff have made me so proud and appreciative," she added. "Here's to science's progress, and a heartfelt thank you to those working on vaccines." We're all hopeful that the pandemic would come to an end soon.

Britney spears got vaccinated

The musician tweeted an update after receiving the immunization in April. "People on the internet reported it hurt like a bullet went through your arm. It was insignificant. I have no sensations. "I'm all right."

Joe Jonas and sophie turner got the vaccine

The duo shared a photo of themselves flexing with Band-Aids over their injection sites on Instagram in April. "Let's (NOT) Get It!" says the narrator. Joe penned an essay

Mindy kaling got vaccinated.

"Vaxx'd, wax'd, and ready to pay my tax," the actor captioned a photo of herself beaming on Instagram in April.

Mariah Carey got the vaccine

The singer shared a video of herself receiving the vaccine on Instagram in April. She gave out a couple of squeals and then sung a high note once the shot was administered.

Hugh Jackman got the vaccine

The X-Men actor posted an image of himself having the immunization on Instagram in April. He wrote, "Wolverine's healing ability can't save me from COVID." "The vaccine, on the other hand, can help. It's yours!"


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