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If You Have HIV, Take These 2 Ingredients For 6 Months, And You Will Test Negative, A Woman Claims.

Via web-based media, a man expressed that he is currently HIV positive, and that he was grief stricken since "he is presently unwell." Many of his adherents are consoling him that it isn't the apocalypse and that, paying little mind to his circumstance, he can carry on with a long and productive life. 


Notwithstanding, one of his devotees, @NDeeplove, has decided not to support him, yet rather to impart to him a home fix that she accepts will empower him to test HIV-negative without the utilization of antiretroviral. 

Despite the fact that there is no treatment for HIV/AIDS, @ NDeeplove accepts that taking a tablespoon of dark seed oil joined with nectar two times every day (morning and night) on an unfilled stomach can help, expressing that following a half year, the contamination would be imperceptible. 

She likewise sent a video of her source, wherein a TikTok client backs up her declarations. In the video, a man distinguished distinctly as Carlos guarantees that nectar and dark seed oil have recuperated a unidentified man with HIV. He proceeds to say that the review was done on a 46-year-old HIV-positive male who was not getting any treatment in 2009. 

He likewise asserts that in the wake of ingesting dark seed oil and nectar for seven days, his the runs, fever, and weariness disappeared, and his skin issues restored following 20 days. His CD4 count had developed, and his viral burden was imperceptible two months after the fact. Watch it here. 

He proceeds to say that following a half year, the unidentified man's negative tests returned negative, and doctors couldn't distinguish the infection in his body. His tests were as yet adverse years after the fact. 

As per him, specialists at the University of Washington School of Medicine found that Melittin, a substance found in bumble bees, can kill HIV without harming essential cells. with-honey bee toxin/ 

Taking any medication, like ARVs, can make HIV imperceptible, yet that doesn't demonstrate the patient is restored, as indicated by mainstream thinking. Others contend that if HIV would be dealt with, many individuals would be mended at this point, yet this isn't the situation. 

Numerous others, then again, contend that patients should attempt the fix on the grounds that there isn't anything to lose if concentrates on show positive results. 

Dark seed oil, as I would see it, can assist with artful bacterial contaminations, however in the event that researchers haven't found a remedy for HIV at this point, there likely will not be one. Albeit dark seed oil is said to fix all infections, I feel that there is no remedy for persistent problems, just treatment. It's anything but a smart thought to take a stab at something if its wellbeing hasn't been set up.

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