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Reasons why South Africa Can not Handle More Lockdowns


We learned last week that a new variant of the Covid-19 virus had been discovered in South Africa. This came as the number of cases began to rise, heralding what appears to be the fourth wave of infections this summer.

The international community has reacted predictably, with the United Kingdom being the first to place us and our neighboring countries on a temporary red list travel ban.

That decision was quickly proven to be irrational, as the variant was later discovered in other parts of Europe.

On Saturday, the Covid-19 National Command Council met in the United States to discuss the country's response to the latest outbreak of infections.

That decision was quickly proven to be incorrect, as the variation was later identified elsewhere in Europe.

On Saturday, the Coronavirus Public Order Committee convened in the United States to assess the country's response to the recent outbreak of diseases.

At the time of writing, President Cyril Ramaphosa was expected to address the country, which would most likely be a nerve-racking moment for people, families, and businesses across the country.

Since the outbreak of this pandemic, the main focus of our public response has been to maintain various levels of lockdown – a legitimate option at the start of this emergency, but its viability has since faded.

To be honest, some of our researchers have stated on numerous occasions that, aside from the financial devastation they cause, lockdowns are not a particularly effective method of inspecting transmissions.

What our country requires is that as many people as possible be immunized.Only 24% of our qualified population has been immunized.

This is a tense measurement that reflects aversion, which is frequently determined by unfounded and dangerous stories spread against immunizations.

Many have urged the government to reconsider its position and make immunization mandatory.

While this call is justifiable in light of the risks posed by unvaccinated individuals, it is unlikely to produce the best results.

History has repeatedly demonstrated that convincing people to make informed, evidence-based clinical decisions is undeniably more powerful than implementation.

Much more needs to be done, such as implementing immunization visas for entry into specific public spaces in order to persuade people to get vaccinated.

What we can't handle, however, is yet another set of lockdown restrictions that only serve to push our economy dangerously close to collapse while doing little to help our overall well-being cause.

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