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Doctors told him he had 6 months to live but today he's an excellent doctor

Khanyisa Phinda's story of life is a true inspiration. When he was just a teenager, Khanysa was diagnosed with a heart condition and doctors gave him only six months on earth. However, Khanyisa became what his name means... light and he paved his way through. Today, he is a healthy doctor himself.

The heart condition he was diagnosed with is called 'cardiomyophathy' and it causes the heart chamber to enlarge, making it difficult to pump blood to the whole body.

Drum Magazine spoke to Khanyisa and while reading his story, my hope for going on was awakened and I had to share.

Khanyisa told Drum that his condition has made him to be a good doctor and relating to his patients comes easy and natural.

He says he was only 18 when he learned about his condition and at that time he was waiting for his Matric results. It was after he fell very sick, coughing and experiencing shortness of breath that doctor had to run tests and the results were devastating. Doctors thought he did not have much time and he would die soon.

When he got better, he registered for medicine and he educated himself about the condition. He currently takes anti-heart failure medication twice a day and a whole lot of other pills to support his heart. Khanyisa might need to take medication the rest of his life but he's grateful to be alive. His focus now is to live his dream and appreciate each and every single day.

The good doctor advices other people with serious conditions to educate themselves about what is wrong with so they can understand and probably live longer.

"I'm living my best life. To top it off, I got an award For The Most Distinguished Final Year MBChB Student in Psychiatry at UCT! When this happened, I knew it was God wiping my tears away," he says.

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