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Stop Calling It "Gap teeth" Or "Open teeth", This Is The Correct Word To Say

Diastemas are defined as spaces between the upper and lower front teeth. It is proper to use the term "diastema" when referring to a gap caused by a lost tooth. The term "gap," which means "space," is inappropriately applied to the area between teeth.

There are several possible explanations for this discrepancy, making it all the more crucial to master the precise pronunciation. Even though "gap tooth" is more common, "diastema" is the proper term for the missing tooth. There are other possible pronunciations, such as "open teeth," but these are also erroneous.

The medical term for a gap in teeth is a "diastema," therefore use that. It has a more academic ring to it, and you can rest assured that you are not referring about your teeth.

The medical term for a space between teeth is diastema. It can be seen in both kids and adults, and it doesn't hurt them. When a child's permanent teeth erupt, the space between their teeth will usually close. Diastema is a common dental defect that affects people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds and can be brought on by pregnancy or gum disease.

Source: medicalnews

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