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OPINION: Alcohol should be banned in the upcoming long weekend

We as a whole realize that liquor is abhorred by our administration during holidays.This is a result of the unwanted occasions it brings forth.A part of individuals resist rules when they are affected by liquor, that goes from challenging Coronavirus rules, driving drunk and so on 

Liquor utilization for some even increments hazardous sexual practices which again is a wellbeing concern. Individuals drive foolishly which lands them into trauma centers which at that point become overflowed. This overpowers our medical services laborers and right now they are under a ton of stress due to Coronavirus. 

Lockdown guidelines were made exacting in the past great Friday occasion which at any rate diminished numerous issues particularly for the Department of Health.As we are making a beeline for another long end of the week would it be a good idea for us to expect severe guidelines again or things will be ordinary? Since the occasion is Freedom day, and by how I realize South Africans to be, they may very well need to drink perpetually with practicing their opportunity. 

Would it be a good idea for it to be a culture that during occasions particularly long ends of the week liquor be restricted? 

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