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If You Are Vaccinated, Get Ready As You will Be able to Do This On Tuesday

Ever since the vaccination process started, there has been speculation that there are certain things that those who are not vaccinated will not be able to do. This was also emphasised on Ramaphosa’s last address when he said the department of health will soon be providing Vaccination passports. This means that when time goes on there will be places where you will have to show your vaccination passport in order to gain access. However, many people are still refusing vaccine. Well it seems as if it has started, it was announced yesterday that only vaccinated people will be allowed to access to this: Read below.

It has now been a week since Cyril Ramaphosa, the president of the country, addressed the nation about the new and unexpected situation. This is due to the fact that the president has caused considerable consternation among the population by declaring the country to be on alert level 1. Not surprisingly, Ramaphosa's decision to place the country on alert level 1 was motivated by the forthcoming election, which will be used by the opposition to work on his favor. 

Due to the fact that some people would have difficulty voting online for a party that only cared about them at election times, this was decided. Due to the fact that the ruling party is always successful at purchasing votes at this crucial period, the country has finally decided that enough is enough and has raised their voices in protest. 

This was discovered when several of the citizens of Gauteng were apprehended by the president while demonstrating, and it did not go down well with the president. Another reason why people were unhappy was because of the recent behavior they have been subjected to by the ruling party, one of which is a failure to provide adequate service to the general public. If the African National Congress remains in office, this will continue in perpetuity, and South Africa's issues will only worsen as long as they are in power. 

The good news for those who have been vaccinated is that they will be able to appreciate their contribution of prioritizing their health. This is due to the fact that it was unforeseen that those who have been vaccinated will be rewarded for their efforts in listening to the country. According to current evidence, more over 50 000 people have been immunized since the president announced the Vooma Vaccine campaign in 2013. 

These advantages include being able to witness a live game on Tuesday at FNB Stadium, where South Africa will face Ethiopia in their third match of the FIFA World Cup qualifying series. This appears to be the only method to vaccinate people, particularly men who spend a significant portion of their income on soccer and sporting events, and the issue remains as to whether their strategy will be successful or whether it will be in vain. 

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