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Lasizwe gets candid about his heartbreak and what it did to him

Like any other human being, Lasizwe got hurt and disappointed after what ,he thought could be something was nothing at all. I don't know how many times, we've found ourselves in situations where we began to question everything we thought we knew and wonder if were we ever part of something or we were just a piece that was there to complete the puzzle while they are waiting for the real one.

Lasizwe flaunted his relationship on social media and made fun of people who are single, little did he know, the joke was on him. Lasizwe was crying on social media about how hard it was saying goodbye to his man while he head back to Cape Town.

To his surprise, he found out that his man never left town and was never planning to when he bumped into him where he was with his friends.

Lasizwe then shared how his two minutes relationship made him to lose weight and what Xhosa men really does.

Hopefully Lasizwe can learn something from this and not give his all to someone before he sees what are their intentions.

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