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7 side effects to expect from taking the Johnson and Johnson Covid19 vaccine

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South Africa has seen a higher of registrations for the covid19 vaccination programme between the ages of 35 to 49. This positive response indicates readiness from this age group. Currently, South Africa is rolling out the Johnson and Johnson covid19 vaccine which is also used in the United States of America. However, the vaccine is deemed unsafe after some people under the age of 50 experienced mild to severe side effects after three weeks of taking the vaccine.

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Data collected by the Centre for Diseases and Control Prevention in USA show that the Johnson and Johnson covid19 vaccine is effective but may cause mild to severe side effects. Here are seven side effects experienced some people:

- Blood clots due to low platelets

- Severe headaches and blurred vision

- Tiredness

- Chest pain and shortness of breath

- Leg swelling

- Persistent abdominal pain

- Easy bruising

However, there is limited data about these in South Africa and further evidence is required as vaccine responses may vary according to ethnicity and geographical location. Despite the side effects, the CDC advised individuals to seek medical attention when experiencing the reported side effects.

What are your thoughts about the Johnson and Johnson covid19 vaccine and its possible side affects?


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