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FINALLY | Amapiano Star responds to his Alleged Health Issues.

The public was caught in confusion over amapiano vocalist's health previously. This came after he posted pictures of himself where he showed to have lost weight as his fans and followers noticed.

While other people body shamed him a lot more gave him support and showed concern about his health and wellbeing. However Samthing Soweto has come out to clear the confusion over everything that he is apparently going through.

He released a video where he addresses his weight loss journey and says he changed his lifestyle which contributed towards him losing weight. Samthing Soweto is not the first celebrity to lose weight and suffer an unacceptable attack from the public, especially from the toxic social media.

He confirmed to the public that they are apparently not wrong for predicting that he is going through a situation. "I am going through a lot, and i just want to thank everyone for sending our prayers, love and support." He said.

He also indicated that those who think that he is apparently sick are not getting it right. "I am not sick. I just changed my lifestyle so there are certain things which I'm no longer doing or eating." He said, hinting that his new lifestyle is a major contribution to his shocking weight loss which got people talking.

He emphasised his much energy and focus on showing his gratitude to all those who showed concern and gave him support which he needed. This days is very rare to really get sincere support from the toxic streets of social media unless maybe you died and they start pouring messages of condolences to your friends and family.

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