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Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water And Honey

Ever wondered why sipping on lemon and honey in warm water or tea is so fresh and soothing?

Lemon and honey are products as contrary as chalk and cheese, however while mixed in proper proportions they provide amazing health blessings.

Lemon and honey water is sort of a healthy elixir, a powerhouse of vitamins. Drink helps in burning fat, clears acne and flushes out toxins from the body.

Lemon and honey water

Honey is a storehouse of antioxidants – flavonoids and phenolic compounds, vital nutrients and minerals.

Lemon, remarkable-wealthy in Vitamin C and other vital vitamins is beneficial in boosting the immunity, cleansing, delays the gastric emptying time and improves the digestive fitness.

Benefits of Lemon And Honey Water:

Detox Drink

Lemon and honey water functions as a herbal detox drink and it provides you with an instant electricity whilst detoxifying the frame. Drink it with lukewarm water on an empty belly. Ensure the honey is pure or organic.

Energy Booster

This drink is a natural electricity booster providing you with a brief supply of strength for the duration of the exercising or exercise routine. It enables in stabilizing energy degree after rigorous workouts.

Promotes Digestion

Lemon and honey in warm water is a really perfect drink to relieve constipation and for promoting digestion. This drink is useful in cleaning the colon and doing away with the undigested meals and pollution from the body.

Immunity Booster

This drink is energy-filled with vital vitamins that encompass Vitamin C, B complicated, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium. The vitamins assist in boosting the device, clearing toxins and in preventing urinary tract infections besides defensive body against infections.

Promotes Skin Health

 magic for the skin. Loaded with antibacterial homes it acts as a herbal cleaner, that allows in purifying the blood, boosting collagen and making your skin look radiant and supple.

Weight Loss

Lemon and honey water is a super drink to kick-begin your day. Adding some drops of honey and 1 tsp of lemon juice to the warm water boosts metabolic activity that in flip allows in burning fats.

Prevents Kidney Stones

Concentrated and acidic urine can cause a burning sensation inside the urinary tract while urinating and can additionally lead to stones. The antimicrobial property of honey and diuretic effect of lemon paintings together to flush out bacteria and different unwanted dangerous materials from the machine that causes kidney stones. Additionally, the abundance of citric acid in lemons and honey together becomes alkaline in nature and might correctly assist save you formation of stones in the kidney for a huge volume.

Enhances Cardiac Health

 citrus fruits mainly those containing excessive awareness of vitamin C is significantly beneficial for evading heart problems and prevention of strokes. Imbued with a good deliver of vitamin C, lemon works wonderfully to prevent elements that reason coronary heart diseases. Alongside honey, this magical decoction plays a key position in lowering the degrees of horrific ldl cholesterol and triglycerides inside the body which in turn prevents the deposition of plaque inside the blood vessels and additionally averts the formation of atherosclerosis and different heart . The fantastic lemon and honey water drink serves as a notable diuretic and allows within the manufacturing of urine. 

Nutritional Facts


Honey is a delicious, more healthy alternative to sugar that has been used widely as healing medication for a long time. This golden liquid is bestowed with a treasure trove of vitamins which include greater than hundreds of bioactive components like nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and extra. High-great honey contains many organic acids and phenolic compounds. The mixture of these energetic compounds renders honey its high-quality antioxidant electricity. The goodness of antioxidants combats unfastened radical harm, lowers irritation, and decreases the hazard of persistent illnesses. Always pick super natural honey to achieve its well-being incentives.


Lemons are a nutrient powerhouse loaded with several important vitamins and minerals. Imbued with vitamin C, a robust antioxidant essential for boosting immunity and pores and skin health, even as vitamin B6 is involved in converting meals into strength.

Some of the main plant compounds present in lemons consist of:

Citric acid. One of the richest natural acids in lemons, citric acid may forestall the formation of kidney stones.

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Vitamin C


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