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Mzansi left in fear after a lady revealed a secret Pink river that heal all illnesses, PHOTOS below

10 August 2022


A lady who goes by the name of Vuka shared some important information on Facebook. This lady revealed a river that most people don't know about. She said this river is actually found at Eastern Cape. This river is actually called Isinuka it is sacred place that heals everything and all diseases.

Most of the diseases that can be cured by western medicine aslo including spiritual attacks can be cured on that river. This is actually a different river which has a pink color on it. It was found deep inside the forest and old people did a research about it.

That is when they found that it is a blessed river that was designed by God to just heal people. It was also reported that when White people found out about the river they decided to put a fence around it so that they maintain the area. This made the place to look like it was designed by them.

This is a natural river which had been there for years now. Then the water burned out as it is against enrichment and capitalized agenda. The place only accommodate people who actually came there to heal and find help. You can also pay on that river.

It has been said that when you are a witch you must not come close to the water because it will change and show you flames. If you actually want help and you can not come to the place on your own. You can send someone to take water for you.

That person must not want you to pay because the water will not work. This lady has revealed something that has left the whole Mzansi inshock. People didn't know that there was such a river in south Africa. Which actually heals people and help those who are in trouble.

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Mzansi Pink Vuka


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