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Unexpected| Anti-vaxxer Tries To Get Covid-19 Jab In Fake Arm

A huge stir has been caused on social media after a man did something unexpected. The Covid-19 virus has claimed many lives and this has left the government with no choice but to make sure that many people get vaccinated. There's been a lot of news spreading on social media the vaccines may become mandatory and this has instilled fear in those who do not wish to vaccinate.

A lot of anti-vaxxers feel like they will lose their rights and their jobs if such a thing is to occur, therefore some people are already making plans to get the certificate before its too late. An Italian man turned up at a vaccination centre wearing a fake silicone arm, hoping to fool a nurse into giving him a jab in order to obtain a Covid-19 health certificate, local authorities said on Friday. It is still a controversial issue to determine whether its wise or unwise to avoid vaccines.

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