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Ramaphosa calls for calm amid rising Covid-19 infections

President <a class=Cyril Ramaphosa is currently on a tour of West Africa."/>Do not panic. This turned into a call made by way of President Cyril Ramaphosa on Saturday night inside the face of increasing Covid-19 cases in South Africa.

“I had been in touch with the minister of health about the virus and he said yes, it [the Omicron variant] is extra transmissible, it seems, than others. However, he says our medical institution admissions aren't increasing at an alarming rate, which means that even as people can be trying out high-quality, they may be now not in large numbers being admitted into hospitals.

“It is for this reason that motive that I did say that we ought to not panic due to the fact it's far viable, and assessments and studies nevertheless wishes to be done and although Omicron spreads, it does now not seem to be ensuing in greater number of admissions in hospitals and we have to take coronary heart in that,” said Rampahosa.

The president changed into speaking for the duration of a press briefing rapidly after attaining bilateral agreements and signing memoranda of understandings along with his Ghanaian counterpart president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo at Jubilee House in Accra.

Both presidents talked difficult on the bans imposed against African international locations, pronouncing they were “discriminatory.”

Ramaphosa said the new variation goes to be found all over the international and “we needed to learn how to live with the virus. This virus continues to mutate, it started off as a primary variation, went to 2d and 0.33 and going into the fourth and we'd have right as much as the 10th due to the fact it is a variant and it mutates.”

Contracts have to follow contacts, Ramaphosa says after Ivory Coast talks

President Cyril Ramaphosa says he hopes the strengthened political courting among SA and Ivory Coast will quickly result in commercial enterprise deals.

POLITICS13 hours in the past

Ramaphosa said each person should depend on are the gear that had been in vicinity.

“I couldn't agree extra with president [Akufo-Addo] where he says we've got to get the vaccination tiers up and that is where the developed economies had been so grasping as to have hoarded vaccines and no longer made vaccines available.

“We have had to scout round to locate vaccines all over and consequently we are saying vaccination is the biggest defence we've got.”

Ramaphosa said he had located a number of calls to leaders of the us of a who have imposed journey bans towards South Africa asking them to review their decisions due to the fact the virus had subsequently spread all over the international.

“Many greater countries are experiencing incidences of Omicron and it’s not positioned just in Southern Africa. I am basically announcing that those nations must adhere to what turned into agreed upon within the G20, which changed into to open up tour and tourism industry in order that our economies can go back back to regular.”

Instead of imposing journey bans, Ramaphosa again encouraged the usage of non-pharmaceutical measures.

“As people travel round the arena, they need to be examined — and if they may be observed to have tested positive, then they must quarantine. This has been general exercise.”

Ramaphosa is hoping there might be a superb response to his request to have the bans lifted immediately due to the fact “the bans that have been imposed on South Africa and nations in southern Africa is absolutely unscientific and completely unacceptable”.

He thanked the nations that he visited in West Africa consisting of Nigeria, Ivory Coast and shortly Senegal for pledging their solidarity with South Africa.

Akufo-Addo stated: “It is quite apparent what is going on. This particular virus has been discovered all over the international, so to mention that African nations must adhere to these specific measures demonstrates the prejudice international nations are choosing.”

People want to retain adhering to Covid-19 measures and intensify vaccination programmes, he said.

“We must preserve, we cannot let our guards down, we can't let up and we have to make people understand that the virus is still here, has not gone away.

“Yes, our numbers have declined considerably, but but it surely has now not long past away and the truth that Ghana has introduced that the virus is likewise here tells us that the combat in opposition to this virus is ongoing. We are not yet out of the woods.”

Akufo-Addo stated Africa become now not being treated on a honest basis.

“People are performing in an arbitrary manner. There is nothing an awful lot that we can do about it besides to guard ourselves.”

Ramaphosa calls for calm amid rising Covid-19 infections (

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