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How to gain lost weight

Many people are always on the mission to loss weight due to preferences or health related issues. I want to touch on how I managed to regain the lost weight after I have lost about 10kg in a year. I believe I have to make you note that I lost weight due to work stress and medical conditions. I went to pharmacy to get supplements to assist my immune system in order to gain weight but I need to assure you as my doctors advise to me back in 2018. There is nothing healthier more than having a balanced diet. I didn't listen and continued with supplements. To tell you the truth I have started seeing changes as I implemented what my doctor advised.

1. Fortified Cereal

Ensure that you have your fortified cereal in the morning. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Cereal taken with full-cream meal are the best. Calcium is a needed to make your bones stronger.

2. Breakfast

Well prepared breakfast with your protein source is vital which could be your eggs or meat. Whole-wheat bread and butter. Peunut butter is really good in assisting with weight gain, make sure the week doesn't passby without you have it.

3. Snacks

I make sure that I snack in between meals especially with fruits or vegetables. If you have a fridge at work, buy a grocery to keep it there or some in your space to remember to snack every two hours worked for me.

4. Balanced Dinner

Never skip supper as you assume that you might be full due to the meals you had earlier. Feed your body to regain that strength. If you have a special sauce or salad you like, ensure you have it to motivate you to eat.

I need to emphasize on the point if having water between your meals that it is ensure a bad habit which makes your progress very slow in gaining weight. Have your water after a meal. I'm confident to say that I have gained 7kg of my weight back in 9 months due to the above reasons which doesn't involve any supplements.

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