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A little child is fighting an uncommon disease.

The two-year-old who 'looks pregnant': Toddler experiences an uncommon malignant growth that has made her mid-region swell up and left her with only a 25% possibility of e

Has adrenal carcinoma, which influences the external layer of the adrenal organs 

Suffered chemo to recoil the tumor for a medical procedure, however, might be ineffective 

A little child is fighting an uncommon and forceful disease that has left her 'looking pregnant'. 

Cleo Keenan, of Blackpool, unexpectedly built up an irregular expansion in her waist not long ago, which specialists put down to a ho.rmone unevenness she has experienced previously. a

It was not until she persevered through extreme stomach torment that a CT check uncovered the two-year-old is experiencing stage three adrenal carcinoma, which influences the external layer of the adrenal organs - discovered simply over the kidneys. 

Following her conclusion, Cleo began chemotherapy and blood bondings. She presently requires greater treatment to contract the tumor before going through a medical procedure to eliminate it. 

Nonetheless, her folks Shannon Latham, 23, and Ryan Keenan, 26, have been told their 'little warrior' has only a 25-to-35 percent possibility of getting by, with the tumor returning in 80 percent of cases. 

Cleo Keenan is engaging an uncommon and forceful malignant growth that has left her 'looking pregnant' 

Since being analyzed on April 1, the two-year-old has suffered chemotherapy and blood bondings 

The adolescent's mom Shannon Latham calls Cleo her 'little contender', including she is 'so solid'. Ms. Latham is imagined with her little girls Emelia, five, Cleo and Ellie-Mae, four (left-to-right) 

Talking about her girl's side effects, Ms. Latham stated: 'She seemed as though she was pregnant. I was getting increasingly concerned.' 

Cleo was taken to a clinical focus in February, where specialists at first excused her side effects as being the same old thing. 

'Due to her hormone transforms, they thought she had a hormone unevenness,' Ms. Latham said. 

Cleo has then hurried to Blackpool Victoria Hospital's A&E office a month ago with an extreme stomach throb. 

She was taken to Manchester Children's Hospital the following day for additional tests. After fourteen days, toward the beginning of April, she got overwhelming determination. 

'It was such a stun when we discovered,' Ms. Latham said. 'It's simply started to soak in the light of the fact that she's so youthful and she's such a splendid youngster. 

'She had consistently been totally solid. She resembled some other two-year-old.' 

Specialists at first idea Cleo's swollen midsection was the consequence of a hormonal equalization she has experienced previously 

A CT examine uncovered the malignant growth after she persevered through devastating torment 

Cleo required dire treatment, which started the day after she was analyzed. 

Ms. Latham, who is additionally mother to Emelia, five, and Ellie-Mae, four, stated: 'On April 2 she began chemotherapy and she was on that for four days. It was depleting. 

'The chemo began making her evil, and she's needed to have a blood bonding and infusions of so a wide range of meds.' 

'She's gone from being an ordinary cheerful youngster to an actually ineffectively easily overlooked detail and it's truly hard to see. 

'I'm stayed there consistently with her simply watching her go further and further down. 

'I wish there was a way I could remove it from her and battle it. That is what's hard. I can't remove it from her.' 

Regardless of all that she has persevered through, the adolescent is figuring out how to remain positive 

Her mom guarantees the tumor is 'grapefruit measured' and pushing on her inner organs 

Cleo is expected to go through further chemotherapy before an activity to eliminate the tumor and her influenced adrenal organ in the not so distant future.

Nonetheless, her mom claims there is an 80 percent chance the tumor will return even after a medical procedure. 


Adrenal carcinoma is an 'extremely uncommon' disease that begins in the external layer of the adrenal organs. 

The adrenal organs produce hormones and are situated over the kidneys. 

Adrenal carcinoma can cause such a large number of these hormones to be made, prompting manifestations. 

For instance, an excessive amount of cortisol can influence the body's glucose balance. 

Furthermore, over the top measures of aldosterone can disturb water and salt levels, just as circulatory strain. 

Adrenal carcinoma's motivation is regularly muddled. A few people are brought into the world with a hereditary transformation that puts them in danger. 

Indications can include: 

Raised pulse 


Passing pee all the more much of the time 

Muscle cramps 

Weight gain, especially in the midsection 

Muscle squandering of the appendages 

Fat gathering at the base of the neck 

Expanding of the face 

Gentle diabetes 

Irregular hair development on the face, arms, and upper back 

Treatment relies upon the size of the tumor and whether it has spread. 

Adrenal carcinoma is frequently quickly developing and just analyzed at a late stage, which makes treatment dubious. 

It can incorporate, notwithstanding, a medical procedure to eliminate the influenced organ, just as radiotherapy and chemo. 

Source: Cancer Research UK 

'Everything we can do is stay positive and cheerful,' Ms. Latham said. 'It keeps a grin all over. That is the thing that we need for the entire time she's being dealt with; for all her grinning. 

'We simply state to ourselves this is simply one more section of her life. 

'We are contracting the tumor with chemotherapy right now and once it's little enough they're going to eliminate it. 

'There's an 80 percent possibility of it repeating, yet that implies there's a 20 percent chance it won't.' 

Composing on her raising money page, Ms. Latham claims her girl's tumor is 'the size of a grapefruit' and is 'making her digestive organs be crushed to one side'. 

She guarantees Cleo's pulse has gone up because of the development, which additionally leaves her inclination 'full constantly' and 'peeing continually' on the grounds that it pushes on her bladder. 

However, in spite of all that she has persevered through, the adolescent figures out how to remain positive. 

'Cleo is as yet grinning through each and every day,' Ms. Latham said. 'She despite everything giggles and jokes, and the medical clinic has been astounding - she's been having a good time in their den. She's a little warrior. 

'At the point when I see her grinning when I'm with her, it makes everything a lot simpler. 

'Cleo is bubbly and autonomous. She's truly cutting-edge for her age. Dislike other two-year-olds. Her discourse is stunning. She talks like a four or five-year-old. 

'She's an incredible kid and an extraordinary little warrior. She's been so solid in an emergency clinic.' 

Ms. Latham credits her accomplice for helping her traverse this troublesome time. 

'Ryan rings me consistently and when he got some information about Cleo he likewise ensures I'm eating and everything,' she said. 'He's my stone at the moment.' 

The family has set up a Facebook page - Cleo's Chapter - to report the baby's disease battle. 

They have likewise dispatched an online pledge drive to help pay for their ordinary excursions among Blackpool and Manchester Children's Hospital, where Cleo is being dealt with. 

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