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Why do you cough when you hit a joint

Kush better known by it's official name weed is a plant that can be grown in all climatic conditions thus people usually smoke it,it has active ingredients on it.

When this plant is smoked it usually goes to the blood stream,you might wonder why do you feel high after smoking a blunt?the answer is not the fact that you've smoke a blunt.

Let me say drugs have a similar structure to the brain structure, making the to be recognised by the body and alter the brains normal communication.This is the only reason that makes you get high after a blunt

Normal after a few pulls from a blunt something weird transpires on your throat and you start coughing.Well you might have been wondering what actually results to that, now I'll tell you the reasons that makes you to cough.

It might be a sigh that your body had enough

A human body is a complex system that works independently of your own will,when a smoke enters your lungs excess carbon dioxide is in there and your body will try to get rid of it.In the process you might cough because your body is detoxifying.

You're high

When you're high the only way your body could show you is to cough,thats a sign that more of the drug is already in the blood stream and your body is telling you to stop

Expanding of your lung capacity

When a small amount of air gets into your lungs yet your body requires more air,you might cough because your lungs are expanding to accommodate more air

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