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OPINION | Has Dr Mkhize Revealed Vital Information In His Affidavit, Linking His Own Son? See More


After Dr Zweli Mkhize surrendered as the priest of wellbeing in the nation, individuals previously expected he was liable only for that demonstration. After that abdication, he decided to hide out and remain silent with regards to his case up to this point. 

In a sworn statement he comes out and spills every one of the beans on how precisely the examination concerning this R150 million computerized flows delicate outrage was finished. In this testimony he clarified his side of the story and how it feels they did the examination incorrectly to demonstrate that he was liable. 

As per the City press paper, it is said that in the affirmation the previous wellbeing pastor expresses that the unique analytical unit did the examination previously accepting his culpability. The previous priest asserts that they utilized the liability of individuals he definitely knew as evidence that he also was additionally liable. 

He clarifies eventually that they let him know he was involved with one individuals from computerized flows just from checking out an image of them. He says that he doesn't actually have associations with any individuals who are at legitimate fault for doing these things. 

He even clarified that they utilize his astranged child as evidence of his culpability however he doesn't have a cozy relationship with him. This squeezes into the account that the examination was done from a state of expected culpability. 

The cases made by the previous wellbeing clergyman are not very outlandish in the event that you give close consideration. It was said on various occasions that no cash was given to the previous wellbeing pastor straightforwardly yet it was individuals around him including his better half who profited from the advanced energies organization. This then, at that point, makes individuals keep thinking about whether these individuals all pre-owned his name to debasement or he is simply attempting to remove himself from them?

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