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A 25years old man trapped in a toddler's body.


We are born with different medical conditions,some conditions are rare and strange below is a story of a 25 years old man who looks like a toddler.

Manpreet Singh was born in 1995 he is 25 years old and he is from India.Manpreet weighs 11 lbs,they started noticing his condition after he turned one when he suddenly stopped growing up.The doctors till today have no answers to wat caused his condition, they think it might be caused by hormonal imbalance.

He was born healthy but later stopped growing.He cannot walk or talk due to this condition so his family is the one who takes care of him and carries him around.The only thing he can do is to laugh and cry.

Manpreet is the oldest sibling he has junior sister and brother who they go by the name of Jaspreet and Mangaldeep.His siblings are healthy they did not inherit his condition.He lives with his aunt because his parents could not take care of him.

People of India worships him they believe it is their god in a human form.People come from long distances just to see and worship him.

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