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Stop Boiling Your Meat With These 2 Ingredients, They Can Damage Your Liver.

Nowadays, we must exercise caution when it comes to the foods we consume because many of them have the potential to harm our body's important organs if we are not vigilant. Although health officials have repeatedly warned individuals to avoid certain chemicals, I found this health advice while searching the web.

I recently learned that some people are still cooking with potash and paracetamol, and many of them are unaware of the dangers they are exposing themselves to. People who cook with this ingredient report that it tenderizes meat and beans more quickly, which saves time and fuel. If you or someone you know is taking this chemical, please urge them to cease using it immediately because it can be harmful to the kidneys and liver if they do so.



Despite the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control's warning that potash and paracetamol might induce kidney and liver failure, some Nigerians continue to cook with them.

Dieticians, doctors, and health experts have all warned about the dangers of food enhancers like these, claiming that the chemicals in them and other unconventional food enhancers can do a great deal of damage to human organs in the long term.

Excessive ingestion of these chemicals, on the other hand, can lead to an accumulation of toxins in the body that can harm the kidneys permanently and disturb normal bodily functions, potentially resulting in death.

Tenderizing meat and beans with paracetamol while cooking may be a cost-saving measure; however, there are serious health consequences, including liver failure and kidney failure. Hydrolyzed or broken down into components when used in cooking, medication contains very hazardous compound 4-aminophenol to the kidney and liver when consumed.

It's critical that we take care of our health. Thank you for reading this health post and please feel free to spread the word.

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