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Don't be a selfish jerk

So after the president of South Africa threw his elbow in the air, South Africans took to the streets to …

Go shopping.

It was like a supermarket purge as mostly white South Africans spent the day in queues buying everything from milk to baked beans to that Covid-19 favourite, toilet paper. 

Some reports on social media showed empty shelves in the cold section. Most grocery chains were left without meat, cheese and bread. 


The other curse: the plague of human beings


Long queues of people with over filled trollies, most people were left with the assumption that these, mostly white South Africans were stockpiling. As a South African I am used to it. In April 1994 South Africans stockpiled baked beans, milk, candles, Pilchards, Tuna. Everything being stockpiled in 2020.

South Africans, in spite of their dark sense of humour are saddled with a a particular group of people, mostly descendants of immigrants who seem genetically predisposed to Chicken Little syndrome. Whereas they jumped on ships to seek out better opportunities, they now stockpile. 

The problem is that under normal consumption there should be more than enough to supply everyone, under massive panic buying, even when new stock arrives more people will panic buy, because “if we don’t, someone else will.”

And that is the real threat to humanity during this pandemic or any other global disaster. There will be people trying to fix the problem in a cool and calm fashion but people can’t be trusted to consider the greater good. People are selfish, idiotic. 


Which brings me to two points. 


Firstly, stores like Woolworths, Makro and Pick n Pay should be doing their bit to limit quantities per paying customer. Pick n Pay in their defence have had some stores put up notices, appealing to the locusts in store to consider others. Not even Jesus could appeal to these specimens. We had seen the example of Dischem caught unawares last week. But bottomline is bottomline and if we can commercialise religious holidays, the pandemic stood no chance. 

The last point is that in spite of my criticism of the South African government, the President, the Minister of Health have lead the process to ensure that the outbreak is controlled. They have declared a state of National Disaster which frees up resources to manage the process. However, with people lieing about travelling and then testing positive for Corona, it may be necessary to implement a State of Emergency and shoot these liars on site. (This apparently happened in Lenasia where a female denied she has travelled back from Italy and displayed flu like symtoms. Awaiting confirmation on the facts.) 

The government may have to enforce limitations on shoppers, may have to insist that consumer numbers be limited.

Lastly, be careful of what you read, popular news sites posted pictures of long lines at taxi ranks and that no one was wearing a mask. They didn’t ask the same question of those folks in long ques stockpiling essentials. 

 My appeal is be considerate of everyone. This can be stressful for many folks. Assist the aged, the sick and make sure that children within your network are able to access things like food and water. And where you find opportunists inflating prices to sell essentials, remember, getting robbed is a market force too.










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