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COVID-19 Pensioner dies 2 days before he could get his second Covid-19 vaccine

A family IN Cape Town is mourning the death of their elder who had succumbed to fatalities 2 days before he was due for his second Covid-19 jab.

Living in a household with 10 members was not difficult for the Cape Town family as their house was rather big enough to accommodate everyone with ample space for self isolation.

Within this family of 10, 8 members have contacted the virus and have been self isolated in different areas.

Their symptoms started off with body aches, headache then proceeding to vomiting and diarrhea.

One of his daughters, Tasneem 29 had also contacted the virus badly which would see her in hospital like her dad.

Her oxygen levels were very low and she needed to be on the ventilation system.

Her dad who was tested for COVID-19, came back as negative the first time yet he too had severe breathing issues and felt really ill.

His second test did come back as positive when he had already died.

He was only 67 years old while his mother aged 87 was still in good condition after she had recovered from the virus.

It was later confirmed that with the Pfizer Vaccine, only once a person gets the second shot will they be protected during covid infections. This will not leave them to become very sick or die with the virus.

Having just one shot of the Pfizer Vaccine shows no benefit to humanity as the second shot must be taken accordingly.

Tasneem feels that her dad's life was cut short and that she was really upset she could not attend his funeral as she was also in hospital and could not leave.

It is very important for families to understand the importance of protecting themselves from the virus.

Especially when you are aware that there is a need for TWO vaccines, within the time that you wait for the second Vaccine, you need to be very safe and avoid going anywhere unnecessarily.

This is certainly not the first or the last story we hear of people dying with the coronavirus.

I'd vaccines are said to be effective, then we must all Get vaccinated.

The Vaccine is said to prevent fatalities.

Your Life is important to somebody.


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