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"New virus is coming upon us, we need to stop taking shots, " Famous sangoma warns the people


Who else if it's not him? Ra came back with a shocking prediction that would happen in the following days. He said there's a new virus that is coming and ut will make us take more jabs than we now do.

"Bad news for people who has already took one, the government will have to force you to take more shot after shot, "he said

"This new virus that's coming they will want more people who took the shot to take more of it again. Actually this shot thing is not going to end. The more you take it the more they ask you to take another. Just watch out for this new strand R-1 strengthen your immune," he added

"They do have cure for cancer. Check this...why would they want to cure you when they can treat you for more money. They cure you and they lose a customer for good. Get your self a black seed oil or drink your Urine and get that thing out of your system once and for all," tweeted @Ra

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