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SA attack prof Salim for saying, in the absence of indoor mask, SA needs to use vaccination, watch

According to Prof. Salim Abdool Karim, lacking an indoor mask mandate, SA needs to use vaccination as a way to reduce risk in indoor settings. 

Last month, health minister Joe Phaahla repealed Covid-19 regulations governing the use of face masks, limits on gatherings and a requirement that people leaving and coming to SA must produce full vaccination certificates.

In a government gazette, Phaahla repealed regulations relating to the surveillance and control of notifiable medical conditions in their entirety. 

Vaccines do not reduce transmission,, so what’s the point? Something tells me government is now panicking because they’ve bought all these vaccines and nobody wants to take them, not our problem. Now u all know why they duped u to dropping masks, more vaccines customers are needed.

we still need to know why he was paid, how much he was paid, and he has to provide some proof he has any idea what he is doing. 

So we have a whole Prof. here who still doesn’t grasp the simple fact that the unvaccinated & unmasked are still alive, & that the hospitals haven’t been overwhelmed. He should go and vaccinate himself and his entire family and relatives multiple times and leave SA citizens alone with this failed nonsense and send reports to his bosses that these people refused to be easily fooled, Why can't he put on his mask and stop boring us, we're still living and healthy without that jab. On behalf of people who no longer trust Dr, or medical professionals because of all the lies we were fed, please donate our doses to those who want them. 

My body my choice. As it is with abortion, so it is with every other medical procedure.

The same guy who lost a CCMA case just this week. He is a bloody useful agent to Gates and should be ignored. We’ve survived, lived and stayed unharmed without vaccinations, so please jab the ones that are willing to do so, and leave the rest of us with a choice.

Karim, you know, and we all know, that it is precisely our low jab rate which is causing our low infection rates. We all have natural immunity and again, you know this. Stop this bs immediately. Don’t push this any further.

He has no authority to dictate to us what we should do. We are not getting vaccinated. 


According to Prof. Salim Abdool Karim, lacking an indoor mask mandate, SA needs to use vaccination as a way to reduce risk in indoor settings.

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