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This Lockdown Level 1 Will End In Tears (read this)

Although a lot of south africans seems to be convinced that the decision taken by the president and the corona virus council of placing the country at alert level 3 is the right thing to do I Beg To differ.

Firstly i do understand that with the country going back to level 1 it means a lot of people arr going to back to world ans livelyshoulds will be restored

But if you should look back in 2020.There was a time were we made too much progress and seemed to be overcoming the first corona virus wave and we got placed at alert level 1 and a lot of people got relaxed which resulted in having a second wave.

I personally think that putting us on alert level one now on times were there is the vaccine a lot of people are going to relax for they mistaken the vaccine for the cure of the virus.And that is one of the reason that will see us battling another heavy wave of the virus if you should think about it.

I personally that the country was doing just fine on alert level 3 and it wasn't even really necessary to rush it back into level 1 because the consequences of doing so may lead us back to level 4-5 very soon

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