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The president to introduce hard lockdown rules?- Cyril has called an urgent meeting with the council

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As the Omicron variant is currently showing its dominant part, South Africa is facing a lot right now due to Corona virus.

The president had just return from the West Africa, Ghana. He went there to do some presidential stuff.

Suddenly, more cases have been recorded while he was away and now people are worried that he visited other countries while his country is going through a lot.

Over 20 000 new cases have been recorded and over 30 death, this stats are continuously recorded after every 24 hours.

South Africa has just put itself to more trouble after discovering the new variant called Omicron. The Uk and other countries had redlisted South Africa from accessing as the way to avoid a huge spread of corona virus on this new variant.

The president says that gatherings that people are having now could the key factor to new high infections of corona virus. He says people should learn to follow the rules before new ones are implemented to reduce the spike of Corona virus new cases and death.

According to his weekly report, "the president says mass gatherings gatherings carry considerable risk of transmission of any virus including corona virus.

He says ,"people shouldn't wait for new rules before reducing the size of events.

"Ramaphosa's reminding public and private facilities -- including workplaces, taxis, buses and trains -- to ensure adequate ventilation to prevent the spread of the virus.

"This is the clearest indication yet that the president is likely to target the number of people allowed to gather.

"The country is already grappling with the fourth wave which is concentrated in Gauteng.

"Cyril Ramaphosa also urges South Africans to vaccinate as those who haven't vaccinated are dangerous to those who are vaccinated.

"Ramaphosa says he will have a meeting with the National Coronavirus Command Council on the way forward before things gets out of control.

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