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Brain Cancer Kills: Everyone Who Wants To Be Healthy Should Stay Away From These 4 Things

In your brain, there are a lot of bad cells. This mass is called a brain tumor. Your brain is safe because your skull is very strong. Any expansion in such a small space can cause problems. In general, brain tumors can be malignant (cancerous) or benign (non-cancerous) (benign).

There may be more pressure inside your skull when benign or malignant tumors grow bigger, which could cause headaches. This can lead to brain damage, which can be fatal, so be careful.

A risk factor is anything that increases the chances that someone will get a brain tumor. Even though some risk factors play a role in the development of a brain tumor, some of them don't cause one to happen. There are some people who have a lot of risk factors but don't get a brain tumor, and there are others who have no risk factors but still get one.

Being aware of your risk factors and talking about them with your doctor could help you make better decisions. However, one can lower one's risk of getting a brain tumor by changing one's way of life.

The cause of a brain tumor isn't always clear, but the following things can raise a person's chances of getting one:

1. Chemicals that are bad for you.

Brain cancer can be caused by certain chemicals, such as those found in the workplace. This can increase your chances of getting it. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has a list of substances that may cause cancer at work.

Second, a diet that is not good for you.

Pregnant women may be more likely to get brain tumors if they eat a lot of cured meats, fruits, and vegetables. An increased risk of both juvenile and adult brain tumors has been linked to eating nitrite- and nitrate-laced foods like smoked meat, cured meats, and some cosmetics. The significance of the link is not clear, though.

3. There are too many pesticides in the air.

In some cases, people who use flea and tick products for their pets may be more likely to get brain tumors in children and young people. There was an increased risk for children born to parents who work with pesticides. This was found in a 2013 review of 20 studies.

4. A very bad head injury.

The link between head injuries and brain tumors has been studied for a long time now. There is a link between head trauma and meningioma, but not head trauma and glioma, some research says.

A brain tumor can cause seizures, so it isn't clear if the seizures themselves raise the risk of getting cancer. It could also be that anti-seizure medicine raises the risk, but that's not clear.

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